The Ex-Back Plan: 30 Day Plan To Win Back Your Ex

Breaking up is never easy.
Are you wondering how it came to this and what went so wrong? 
Are your friends and family telling you that you’ll meet someone else?
Do you wish it was how it was at the very beginning when you were both so in love?

Follow this plan for 30 days and at the end your ex will be pleading with you to take them back...

  •                       Who is The Ex-Back Plan For?
    • If your partner has decided to end your relationship.
    • If you are going through a tough time and are having doubts about your future with your partner.
    • If the love of your life has put you in the "friend zone."

FREE BONUS! An Emotional First-Aid Kit

To help you get through the no-contact period if you feel the need to contact them. This kit will act as your personal "go-to" kit and help to lift your mood during the 30 days.

What's Covered in the Plan?

The plan is broken down into 4 weeks each one concentrating on you, whilst evaluating the relationship and identifying your needs and desires. At the end of the 30 days you will emerge stronger and more empowered than ever before.

Getting Active & Physical

Reclaim Your Personal Power

Gaining Confidence and Clarity for the Future

Transform Yourself Into the Best You

How To Reconnect With Your Ex

We'll show you how to reconnect with your ex and the exact steps to win him back for good. At the end of just 30 days the only question will be “Do I really want my ex back?” 

The Ex-back Plan consists of a clickable PDF workbook and emotional first-aid kit.